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The Lansdowne Club

The Lansdowne Club was formed in 1986 by a group of Irish born business people living in Australia. At the time there was no Irish business orientated focal point and this void was filled by the Lansdowne Club. The Club has developed significantly over the past twenty nine years. Today, many of our members hold significant positions within the largest corporations in Australia covering hundreds of industries. Our membership numbers are now close to 2,000 and are detailed in our online membership data base.

Patchats - Sean Rooney Co-founder at AMIRE Strategic Digital Marketing.

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sean rooney

August's theme is

Our speaker is 
Sean Rooney
Sean is co-founder at AMIRE Strategic Digital Marketing.
AMIRE was founded in 2013 
specialising in Search Engine Marketing
working across some of Australia’s largest brands including Telstra, News Corp, etc.
Sean has worked in Digital Marketing since 2000
working in Ireland and the US before joining
Australia’s first specialist Search Engine Marketing agency in early 2002.
He has managed teams for the
world’s largest media company (WPP)
working alongside multinational brands such as Microsoft, VW, LG, Ford and Unilever and more.
Sean believes building strong partnerships
based on trust and integrity is key to success.

Sean's Talk will take the audience through a journey based on one client’s experience’s over the past 15 years, tracking the shared journey: the good and bad; but most importantly demonstrating the importance of trust/integrity in business and personally. 


Not everyone knows: Sean’s real name isn’t Sean,
it’s Dermod…
It’s an Irish thing

Everyone loves these breakfast stories.
Help us continue them. 
Book now and bring a friend.

Event Details

Friday August 26th

Blue Chilli Technology, 125 York Street, Sydney 2000

7:00 for coffee & conversation. 7:15ish talk. 
Q&A at 8:00-8:15. Leave by 8:30


This event has been brought to you by the generous humans
at BlueChilli Technology
Taste Ireland and eilishbouchier
Without their support PatChats would be silent! 

There are limited place so
book early or you'll sleep through it:-)

PatChats is The Lansdowne Club's 
informal breakfast talk series
(think Ted Talks with an accent)
for the Sydney entrepreneurial community.  

PatChats morning talk series will ignite the Lansdowne Club community
in a way never seen before: tapping into its wealth of thought leadership
to share peer to peer knowledge and insights on the entre/intrapreneurial journey to kickstart your morning and inspire your day.

The concept is simple: a short talk, a chance to connect with like minded Paddis and other brave interlopers. All nations and denominations are welcome.

The small charge covers expenses including your coffee, fruit and pastry
and graphic scribe.

We'll send you the illustrated story post event to jog your memory.

Meet people you'll want to collaborate with, partner with or work with.

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