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The Lansdowne Club

The Lansdowne Club was formed in 1986 by a group of Irish born business people living in Australia. At the time there was no Irish business orientated focal point and this void was filled by the Lansdowne Club. The Club has developed significantly over the past twenty nine years. Today, many of our members hold significant positions within the largest corporations in Australia covering hundreds of industries. Our membership numbers are now close to 2,000 and are detailed in our online membership data base.

Selection of Images from previous events

The album contains 652 photos (17 pages).

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2010 Xmas Drinks 001.JPG2010 Golf Day 017.jpg2005 Business Awards 001.JPG2010 Xmas Drinks 003.JPG
2002 St Patricks Day 003.JPG2002 St Patricks Day 027.JPG2002 St Patricks Day 059.JPG2002 St Patricks Day 067.JPG
2002 St Patricks Day 079.JPG2002 St Patricks Day 006.JPG2002 St Patricks Day 135.JPG2002 St Patricks Day 005.JPG
2002 St Patricks Day 049.JPG2002 St Patricks Day 065.JPG2002 St Patricks Day 013.JPG2002 St Patricks Day 097.JPG
2002 St Patricks Day 101.JPG2002 St Patricks Day 105.JPG2002 St Patricks Day 109.JPG2002 St Patricks Day 020.JPG
2004 Lunch 001.JPG2004 Lunch 016.JPG2004 Lunch 017.JPG2004 Lunch 008.JPG
2004 Lunch 012.JPG2004 Lunch 020.JPG2004 Lunch 008.JPG2004 Lunch 016.JPG
2004 Lunch 017.JPG2004 Lunch 020.JPG2004 Lunch 025.JPG2004 Lunch 027.JPG
2004 Lunch 028.JPG2004 Lunch 032.JPG2004 Lunch 036.JPG2004 Lunch 038.JPG
2004 Lunch 040.JPG2004 Lunch 046.JPG2004 Lunch 049.JPG2004 Lunch 056.JPG
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